Causes of Truck Accidents

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18-wheelers and semi-trucks pose a threat to other drivers on the road because of how much more skill and attention these vehicles require than standard vehicles. Their size alone is intimidating; it causes blind spots directly in front and behind them as well as up and down the length where the side-view mirrors cannot help.

Though they are more dangerous and have the potential to be more lethal, companies depend on 18-wheelers and semi-trucks to deliver goods and products in a timely fashion. Therefore, it is up to them to train all their drivers properly to ensure their safety. In fact, there is a mandate by the federal government restricting hours of service to deter drivers from staying awake while they are clearly too tired to keep working.

Although this rule is in place, truck drivers may often ignore it to complete the shipment because of incentives companies have. A fatigued driver is a deadly driver, driving while fatigued can lead to:

  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Improper turns and technique
  • Increased distractibility
  • Improper use of signals

Any one of the four reasons listed above is extremely hazardous in a standard car, but add 20 times the weight, a tired driver, and potentially harmful cargo, and there is a sure catastrophe waiting to happen.

The Texas semi-truck accident lawyers at Williams Kherkher have several years of experience in these specific types of lawsuits and have just as much research on the causes of accidents to go along. Tired driving is reckless driving, and it is inexcusable. The lawyers at Williams Kherkher fight for the compensation for the medical expenses, damage, and pain and suffering the victims of these senseless accidents deserve.

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