Freight Factoring Service: The Answer to Many Truckers’ Financial Woe

Posted by on Aug 14, 2016 in Trucking | 0 comments

Despite having finished job requests, truckers or trucking companies still have to wait from 30 to 60 days for payment from shippers and brokers. This long wait often have harmful effects in the operation of a trucking business. Luckily, sparing one’s trucking business from this situation is possible – through the seasoned and professional services of freight factoring companies, such as TBS Factoring Service.

Freight factoring service of TBS Factoring aims to unload the financial burden experienced by many trucking companies, not just by assuring them of fast and upfront cash that will help keep their business in operation and in the competition, but also by taking care of truckers’ many other concerns, including legal, which can affect significant business opportunities. Its services, which trucking firms will definitely find beneficial, include: simple freight bill factoring solutions, various cash flow products designed to suit specific business needs, friendly personal service, freedom from time-consuming paperwork and office hassles, and rates that are fair and easy to understand.

One major benefit of TBS services is enabling employers to concentrate more on, and further improve, business operations. This does not only mean completing jobs on time, but also making sure that each job is accomplished safely, meaning, keeping their trucks from getting involved in road accidents, a possible source of loss for trucking firms in the form of compensation claims.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), every year, close to 5,000 fatal truck accidents occur on U.S. roads and highways, while another 130,000 get injured. By availing of TBS services, truckers can save themselves not only for the long wait for payment, but also from the possibility of not getting paid at all. The sure cash from TBS Factoring Service will mean timely pay for truck drivers and all other employees, and available money for the needed truck maintenance and purchase of necessary truck parts.

Though it is true that acquiring the services of TBS will lessen the actual worth of the job contract entered into by a trucking firm, this will be superseded by the continuous flow of business. Truckers will realize that the benefits this freight factoring company offers and provides far outweigh the minimal cut in profit.

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